Being an Ambassador between ISSIP and APQC – part 2, the early experience

It’s been a few months since I was named Ambassador to APQC by the leadership team at ISSIP. Here are the joys and challenges:

Fantastic content resources – how to point them at each other at the right time???

Joys: For me, it is always a joy to get to meet and know interesting people; people who are motivated to share their wide and deep (T-shaped) expertise with other. They do this not for personal gain; always to contribute to the greater knowledge and the greater good. That is my joy – rubbing virtual elbows with these folk. Enhancing the value of dignity for all persons.

Challenges: There is an inestimable cache of data and potential information generated and stewarded by each ISSIP and APQC. My challenge has been (and continues to be) to discover ways to facilitate access to each others’ data without promoting paid membership in either organization – which then looks more like a sales pitch than a value exchange. So, I’ve tried to take a particular item of potential value from one side and provide moderated access to that data (perspective, opinion, approach, methodology, etc.) by anticipating the value to the target audience. Again, without making it sound like a sales pitch for membership in the hosting organization.

Wish me luck (and yes, pray for me) as I continue to uncover/create ways to share and co-create value (the next step!) for ISSIP and APQC through this relationship.

Suggestions are always welcome.

Published by Deacon Larry Hiner, PsyD

My mission is to enhance the value of dignity for all persons, especially in the workplace. There is a framework I am developing for this purpose, called the Intentional Learning Organization(TM). Let's discover and build that together.

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