Enhancing the Value of Dignity in the Workplace

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Dignity. Human dignity. Being dignified by another is a powerful countermeasure to our ever-increasing sense of fear – of being isolated and left totally on our own. We sacrifice our own sense of worth in exchange for acceptance and approval. This is not how the universe (God) designed us to be.

We are each a set of unique gifts and skills that is unrepeatable throughout human history – and never will be again. We are worthy of the dignity of love and connection from the moment of our conception; from our essence as a zygote.

‘Work’ – as writ on our contemporary culture – employs structures that prompt us to sacrifice our sense of self-worth in order to be accepted by the ‘team’ and subject ourselves to ever more grueling schedules to get more tasks accomplished in exchange for rewards that never seem to be enough. Because they do not dignify.

Join me as we explore various concepts, models, ideas, and innovations that complement the notion of Dignity for All Persons in the Workplace, especially through the construct of the Intentional Learning Organization.

we must focus on what really matters to us as humans, which is the ability to live a life of meaning and purpose, to find dignity in work, and to be able to contribute to a larger whole.

Jamie Merisotis, author, Human Work in the Age of Smart Machines

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